summertime (and knits to sell)

I have many photos to share, since there has been a long period of blog-silence over the past few months. First of all, there is our garden. We love our garden. It’s definitely a unique garden, and I’ve described it as “redneck” several times. We tilled up a piece of yard back in March/April, and planted almost right away. So, our little first-year plot has continually fought to return to its grassy state. But, the vegetables have grown up right along with the grasses, and overall we are delighted with the results. It never ceases to amaze me that these little plants, left almost to themselves with minimal guidance from us, grow and flourish and bear little vegetable treasures. It’s so much fun.

Robin made the frame for the lettuce and greens and it works great.

There are also a lot of really nice perennials on the property; it’s fun to go outside and be surprised at what has suddenly begun to bloom.The above photo is of a huge butterfly bush in the backyard.

These garden photos are from a few weeks ago. Since then, we have been harvesting a lot of cucumbers and beans, the tomato bushes are loaded with green tomatoes, and the corn is almost mature. We found a recipe for Polish pickles here.

They don’t require any vinegar or water-bath canning, and Robin says they are fairly authentic. 🙂

And now… back in the early spring I had mentioned that I was hoping to sell a few knitted items on here as a way to raise money for camp. It has taken me a while, but I am finally ready to show some photos of some recent things that I have made that are available. They are mostly warm-weather, so I feel a little bit strange trying to advertise them in July. Let’s just use our imaginations and pretend that it’s a cold winter evening, ok? I’m charging $25 per clothing item, and $7 for the dishcloths. Color choices are available if you like an item but want it in a different color, and they can be downsized for kids too if you give me measurements.  Leave me a comment if you are interested and we will make the shipping arrangements.

Cowl with cables and buttons.

Honeycomb slouch hat.

Men’s/women’s twisted cables hat.

Men’s camouflage hat (can be made into women’s too). 

Dishclothes (various colors and designs, 100% cotton).

Cabled mittens

Helix fingerless gloves (my personal favorite).

Woodcutter fingerless gloves (made these as women’s gloves but Robin loves them too).

Cabled beret.

Diamond socks (these are so comfortable, I almost kept them for myself).

Thanks to my husband for helping with the photos and modeling.

We are leaving for Young Lives camp in a week from tomorrow, taking 17 girls and about that many babies as well, for a week in the woods of New York State. Everyone is really excited.

Until next time…


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I want to share my thoughts. Specifically, I want to share my thoughts about the adventures of knitting, cooking, and care-taking a large, beautiful house.
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3 Responses to summertime (and knits to sell)

  1. Catherine Pierce says:

    Melody, I just love your blog. The garden is amazing looking and you are so talented with knitting. Do you take orders? I’ve something in mind if you do =). A cap made for a newborn infant that is dusky rose in both color and apperance. If that isn’t possible maybe one that looks like a cupcake with a cherry on top =).

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